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Growing orchids need not be difficult. It can be as easy as growing some common house plants. Many orchids can be grown successfully by novices. They can be grown in a window, under lights, in a greenhouse. Some can be grown outdoors most of the year in the New Orleans area. Join us and learn more about these fascinating plants. 

 Who we are:
The New Orleans Orchid Society (NOOS) is an organization which promotes the exchange of information on the culture and breeding of orchids, facilitates the study of orchid genera, and fosters comradeship between fellow orchid growers.

Our Members:
Most of our members are from the Metropolitan New Orleans area, including the parishes of Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, St. Charles, and St. Tammany. We are people from every walk of life who have in common the joy of growing orchids. Some of our members are experts, some are novices, the majority fall somewhere in between.

Last updated: 02/24/2023

Dtps. Fusheng's Mystical Dream 'Come True', HCC/AOS

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